I Would Sell My Home If

Dated: 04/20/2017

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I’d Sell My Home If… 

Have you ever thought “I'd sell my home if I could get what I wanted”.  I'd Sell My Home If

  • The right terms

  • The right price 

  • The right conditions 

 A lot of people probably have? 

In a market like this with low inventory…any house that is priced properly…will get offers right away. Leaving many buyers in the cold…literally…in the cold…because they couldn't get the house.They tell me “We really want to live in that neighborhood”. But there’s nothing listed for sale in the MLS. 

So what does an agent do. Well a great agent (like yours truly) walks around the neighborhood…talks to the home owners…Some of them say “I’d sell my home if I could get what I wanted”.I schedule a time for my buyers to visit the home. Make the offer…and make both parties very happy. 

But what about the other homeowners that wanted to sell?No problem. I add them onto my list of homeowners who would sell if they could get top dollar for their home.  When the next buyers calls…vuala!If you’re ready to get onto that list...

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So how does this help you?A few ways:You’re in a position of strength…because you don’t have to sell.You don’t have to put up with the hassle of keeping the house show ready ALL THE TIME.You save money. I basically handle it like a For Sale By Owner. I bring the buyer…you save a portion of the commission.You get a World Class agent working the deal to get it closed.You get to keep up with the market because I send you regular updates. So you know what the home down the street sold for. 

All these benefits, But the bottom line…you can save money…and have a really good agent working towards closing. 

So. What do you say? Are you ready to sell if you could: 

  • Have a qualified buyer ready to buy? 

  • Get top dollar? 

  • And save some commission?

Well. Then just Click Here to Get In. 

I’m not promising that I have a buyer for you right now (or maybe ever). Maybe it won’t work out…who knows.But if you have have thought “I'd sell my home if I could get what I wanted”…it cost you nothing to be on the list. And…you’ll never know unless you Click Here to Get In.You might be one of the 10 or 15 or 20 homes I sell like this over the next year.

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